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Effects Of Plant Extracts In Cosmetics

Using the ingredients of the flower extract is always one of the cosmetic industry's research and development priorities and direction. Now, there are lots of cosmetics on the market contain a selection of plant extracts, and plant extracts since the effective raw material of cosmetic has become the trend of several brand products.

Now, the international to examine plant substances of cosmetics come in full swing, United States, Japan, France, in addition to some well-known Chinese cosmetic makers were add a variety of natural plant extracts in cosmetics, such as panax ginseng root extract, aloe vera extract, almond extract, polygonum multiflorum extract, ginkgo biloba extract, etc.

Aloe vera(aloevera.net.pl) extract is an important additive of cosmetics, displaying an array of biological activities. From aloe extract on fiber proteins aggregation growth's promotion, elastase inhibition, collagen promote and synthesis, in addition to hydroxyl toxin scavenging effect, found that natural aloe vera extracts have clear skin and anti-aging effect. Aloe extract on cholesterol synthesis have promotion effect, demonstrates its adding is helpful to change the composition of skin and sebum, can help to eliminate skin oil and increase the skin soft degree, while underneath the effect of natural aloe vera polysaccharide, additionally, it has some hydrating effect. Most cosmetics are containing these ingredients. It is natural and rare skin care products.

These plant ingredients in cosmetic are not added the flower itself, but the guarana plant extracts additives made by plant extract or concentrate. They can be divided into Chinese herbal additives and vegetables and fruit additives, Chinese herbal additives have ginseng, Aloe Vera, herbal additives seabuckthorn, licorice, motherwort, schizonepeta, mint, Peony, etc. Because vegatables and fruits rich in vitamins, organic acids, proteins, minerals and the like, these are efficacy of cosmetics ingredients, so vegetables and fruit are cosmetics recycleables, fruits and vegetables additives commonly used for cosmetic products are containing of cucumber, carrot, apples, lemons, oranges, bananas, lettuce, tomatoes, apricots, cherries, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, etc.

These plant extracts additives, which has a green trend concept, because of the "nature" characteristic, they're popular with the general public, so is there a effects of them in cosmetics?

First of all, increase the skin's moisturising functions, water for that appearance and function with the skin is an essential impact factor, when the skin lack of water will probably be rough and chapped. Amino acid in cucumber for convergence, mucin for hydration, and minerals used for moisturizing, its extracts as being a humectant used in cosmetics for a long time. Lettuce contains water, glucose, protein, minerals, vitamins, organic acids, etc. Its extract can also be used as being a moisturizer for cosmetics.

Secondly is antiaging, antioxidant, anti-UV, the key environmental factors causing aging of the skin is the ultraviolet radiation of exposure to the sun to your skin, UV exposure can increase the formation of oxygen free-radicals, leading to accelerated aging of the skin. For sunscreen and anti-aging plant extracts mostly are ginseng, Aloe vera, green tea extract, Ginseng extract gives skin smooth, soft, elastic, reduce wrinkles reducing pigmentation, prevent skin aging and treat hair loss, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and so forth. Aloe Vera extract has excellent nutritional and moisturizing effect on skin, has a warm, sensitive, promote metabolism, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, sunscreen effects; green tea is abundant in tea polyphenol, it is a good antioxidant.

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